The ‘victor’s peace’ and post-conflict reconstruction in comparative perspective (post-doctoral project, Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation).

My post-doctoral research project focuses on post-conflict reconstruction in countries that have experienced a civil war terminated with the victory of one of the warring parties. I want to understand if there are differences in the process of post-conflict reconstruction following a military victory with respect to negotiated settlements, and what are the consequences for peacebuilding and reconciliation.


The EU, Regional Conflicts and the Promotion of Regional Cooperation: A Successful Strategy for a Global Challenge? (RegioConf) (Funded by Compagnia di San Paolo, through the programme “Europe and Global Challenges” together with Volkswagenstiftung and Riksbankens Jubileumsfondet. Principal investigators: Thomas Diez and Nathalie Tocci).

The European Union (EU) promotes of regional integration in different parts of the world, including the Mediterranean, Sub Saharan Africa, Central and South America and East Asia. The central question which RegioConf seeks to address is: To what extent, and under which conditions, does the promotion of regional integration contribute to the positive transformation of regional conflicts?

I have been responsible of carrying the West Africa case study of the project. The project officially terminated at the end of 2014 and we are now in the process of disseminating the results.

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The economic, social and political consequences of democratic reforms. A quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis (COD) (Funded by European Union Framework Programme 7, Grant agreement no.: 262873. Principal investigator: Giovanni Carbone, University of Milan).

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As part of the project team, I have carried research on democracy, elections and statebuilding in West Africa, including three months of field research in Benin. While collaborating in the COD project, I have got interested in the politics of registration and identification of voters in Sub-Saharan Africa and in its relationship with the process of statebuilding.