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Some interesting political science and IR blogs

Open Democracy (politically engaged e-magazine, not academic in nature but hosting posts by academics)
The Monkey Cage (blog managed by US based academics and hosted by the Washington Post)
Duck of Minerva (focus on IR)
Political Violence at a Glance (focus on peace & conflict studies)
The Global Observatory (official blog of the International Peace Institute)
E-International Relations (blog featuring contributions of students of international relations)


Some interesting blogs on Africa

African Arguments (blog sponsored by the UK Royal African Society)
African Studies Association (ASA) official blog
Democracy in Africa (blog on democracy issues in Africa, edited by Nic Cheeseman of the University of Oxford)
Kujenga Amani (blog on peacebuilding in Africa, features contributions of African and Western academics)
Africa is a country (blog on arts and humanity, aimed at debunking stereotypes on Africa)